Up Your Game: Financial Integrity Includes Estate Planning

24 September 2015 lawreynold Articles

I’ve always been good at making money, but even better at spending it.  This lead me to hire a financial coach to “up my game” with regard to financial integrity.  We did what you might expect – a budget and weekly reports to hold me accountable.  The more successful I wanted to be with my finances, the more integrity I had to create in my life.

The most critical piece of financial integrity required me to update my estate planning documents. I hadn’t looked at them since my divorce five years before.  I was now remarried and hadn’t touched my will or trust.  That means the state of California had rewritten them for me – automatically assuming that I want to write out my wasband and add in my new husband.  What it didn’t consider is what I actually wanted. Without such a plan, I knew that the probate court would run my life if I became incapacitated and that it takes months to get a court order to handle my affairs.  That means if I’m in the hospital for any length of time, I may come out to find my credit ruined and my home in foreclosure.

All it would have taken is one simple Power of Attorney for Finances to avoid such a financial catastrophe.  Many of us assume that our spouse is automatically allowed to sign your tax return, refinance for me or defend me in a lawsuit.  Not so — all of this takes court supervision and court orders if no estate planning documents are in place.   What most Americans don’t realize is the court by default runs our life and our death if we don’t say otherwise.  It’s only an estate plan that can opt-out of that system.   (Click here to get a free Power of Attorney at www.YourLegacyLives.com).

I have now joined the top 30% of Americans who have an estate plan and as a result, my financial well-being and the well-being of those I love and support has more integrity than ever before.  It’s not just about taking care of ourselves – it’s about providing for and protecting those we love.

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