The Con Game: A Failure of Trust

24 February 2015 lawreynold Articles

This week we are excited to highlight a friend, Oakland native, and author’s book, The Con Game.

Book Introduction

The Con Game: A Failure of Trust is a riveting investigation into the silent epidemic of elder abuse in the U.S. This helpful book looks at the myths and realities of aging in America and offers tips for recognizing warning signs and symptoms of elder abuse, effective prevention strategies, information about conservatorships, and advance planning resources.

Importance of Estate Planning

In The Con Game, the pitfalls and perils of not doing proper advance planning, such as drawing up an estate plan with the help of an attorney who specializes and is trained in estate planning, are vividly described and detailed. What happens if you don’t have an estate plan? Should you become incapacitated and your name is on the title of your assets, the court will determine how your assets would be used for your care through a conservatorship/guardianship. In addition, if you die without an estate plan, probate laws in your state will determine how your assets would be distributed. The length of the probate process depends on the size of your estate; it can take several months or several years. Due to legal fees, executor fees, and court costs, the probate process can become quite expensive. So it makes sense to circumvent the hassle and headaches associated with the probate process by doing proactive estate planning.

Author Bio

Martha Laham is a business and marketing professor, writer, and consultant. Professor Laham holds a BA in Political Science from University of California, Irvine; an MBA in Global Management from The Garvin School of International Management; and an MS in Integrated Marketing Communications from Golden Gate University, San Francisco. In addition to earning these degrees, Martha has done post-graduate work in International Economics at California Polytechnic University, Pomona and received a Graduate Certificate in Marketing from Golden Gate University, San Francisco.

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