Which Plan Is Right For You?

Most people do not know what kind of estate plan they need. You either need a “will” or a “trust” package. If you’re not sure, this free assessment will help you discover whether a will or a trust is more appropriate for you.

Will Plans

A will is a legal document in which you name one or more persons to manage your estate, name who should be guardian of your minor children, and name who will be the beneficiaries upon your death. Wills have no authority over assets that already name a beneficiary (for example, a life insurance policy, a retirement plan, a deed that says “joint tenants” or any other contracts). Your executor is NOT supervised by the court, unless your probate assets exceed the value of $150,000 or you own real estate worth over $50,000.

Will For Married Couples


Will For Singles


Trust Plans

A trust is a contract you enter into with yourself or your spouse. It holds property usually for your own benefit while you are alive and for the benefit of others at your death or incapacity. A trust is created by a “settlor,” who transfers some or all of his property to a “trustee” who holds that trust property for the benefit of the “beneficiaries.” At first, you will play all three roles. The trust is revocable (changeable by you) during your lifetime. It is a “living” trust because it does not die like humans do, and therefore whatever assets it holds before your death do not go to probate Probate is an expensive public court process that causes delay in your wishes being followed.

Trust For Married Couples


Trust For Singles


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