About Your Legacy Lives

Our Mission

Your Legacy Lives is dedicated to empowering Californians to protect their loved ones by creating their own high quality estate planning documents.

Our Values


We believe that knowledge is power, and that it should not be concentrated in the hands of the wealthy and those with a legal background.


We believe everyone should have access to legal protection.


We believe people are intelligent and capable of making their own decisions; YOU are the expert on your life.


We are committed to creating the highest quality templates and education that can be provided affordably.

About Us

Your Legacy Lives is a step-by-step online system that provides high quality estate planning documents to California families. Estate planning provides you and your loved ones with peace of mind, knowing that your assets and family are protected in times of need. Customers are supported by educational videos, FAQ, and technical support.

Note From The President

Hi, my name is Heather Reynolds. For the last 20 years I’ve been helping couples and families protect themselves from the financial and legal problems that can follow life’s challenges. In life, there are no guarantees. Any of us could get into a car accident, end up in a coma, or worse. My passion is to make quality planning easy and affordable, so everyone can do it themselves! Given the increased education levels and computer access of the middle class, attorneys may only be necessary for complex family and financial situations. So why shouldn’t everyone create their own estate plan and rely on attorneys only when necessary? Why shouldn’t everyone be empowered to update their plan whenever they like without having spend thousands of dollars? That’s why I give away so many critical documents for free — I believe that every American should have them! I want you to be confident that you CAN handle your own affairs and to be able to recognize red flags when it’s time to get some legal or tax advice. Many attorneys think I’m crazy and are afraid that they will be out of a job if we make it this easy. Given that most Americans have no estate plan in place at all and rely on the probate court to handle their lives, I think there is plenty of work for everyone. The missing piece is education. My job as an attorney is to educate my clients so they can make informed decisions themselves. I’m here to remind you that YOU are the expert on your life and your family. I only provide the legal and practical experience of years of practice. Even if you’re not actually my “client”, you can glean helpful information provided with each document and video. Most of the other online legal document systems make the decisions FOR YOU and assume they know what is best. Then they don’t even let you make changes to their language in the end. I’m tired of that old paradigm. I’m here to empower Californian families to take control back and not be intimidated by the legalese or the “overwhelm” of the project. I’ve created a system to make it as easy as possible. That’s why I created Your Legacy Lives, an easy step-by-step webinar system for families who want to create financial freedom & legal protection through estate planning documents.

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