Is Love Enough: Courage to Plan your Estate

9 May 2016 lawreynold Articles

What triggers someone to create an estate plan?

I believe the answer is love and courage.

Most Americans have no estate plan because they don’t know they need one, they don’t have time, they can’t afford one, or they face emotional barriers.  It takes a victory of human spirit to overcome all the barriers that stand against completing our estate planning documents.

Love for our family and community, usually coupled with a recent loss or near death experience usually hurdles us over the barriers, but not without a great deal of courage.

I’ve had the privilege of working with families in creating their estate plans for over 16 years, and enjoyed witnessing this kind of love and courage.  It’s inspiring to see this spiritual leap thoughtfully navigated.  Estate planning asks some of the deepest questions of our lives like, “What really matters?” or “How shall I be remembered?” or “To what worthy cause shall I contribute?”  or “What is fair given the circumstances?”  The richness of answering these questions deepens our relationships just like a brush with death puts life in perspective.


Don’t wait till the last minute to benefit from this process.  Be courageous!