What Do You Want to Give to Your Loved Ones?

27 October 2015 lawreynold Articles

Sometimes it seems we Americans value money and the newest, shiniest ‘stuff’ we can buy with it, more than we do the wisdom that has been gained during our lives.  We are often clear about how we want to pass on our valuables, but what about making sure we pass on our values and life lessons.  Yes, it is true that our behavior during our lives tells can others what we care about, but what if we could do something concrete and enduring to help our loved ones and coming generations avoid unnecessary suffering?  There is something and it’s called a Legacy Letter, also known as an Ethical Will.

Imagine you find a document written by your great-great grandmother, that talked about her life and reflected on what she had learned, and what spiritual or other values had become paramount to her happiness and success in life.  Then imagine the wisdom shared in that letter helped you make better decisions about a challenge you are facing in your life right now.  That letter assisted you in your emotional and spiritual evolution. All of us can give this kind of powerful support to our loved ones in this life, and in generations to come!

Legacy Letters are not new. In fact, they date back more than 3000 years when the oral tradition of passing on wisdom evolved to include using the written word to communicate important history. Consider writing your own Legacy Letter or if you need more persuasion, read this article and visit www.sojournlegacies.com to learn more about the support available to you in this endeavor. Your legacy letter has the potential to be the most significant gift you will give to your loved ones, and future generations. And based on my experience assisting many people in the development of their letters, the process will be a deeply satisfying one.