No Lawyers In Heaven

13 January 2015 lawreynold Articles
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Peace, tranquility, bliss and ease. Heaven is thought of a the truest form of love and joy. It’s being completely calm, completely happy, and completely at peace, with everything.

But for those who fail to create a financial and legal plan before their arrival to this magical place…



& Ease


are not words that describe the nightmare of your family battling the probate courts! As you may know, there are no Lawyers in Heaven.  That means you’ll have to create your estate plan BEFORE you get there! Heaven just isn’t the same when you realize your family will spend the next year in the probate court system following your death.

We all make our bed in the morning, brush our teeth and wash our dishes, so why do so few of us clean up our estate before we leave this planet?  The probate court steps in where most of us fail – by writing our will for us and supervising our loved ones to make sure it gets followed.  You might be surprised who inherits from you if you are married with children.

Wouldn’t YOU rather write your own will?

Now you can.  We made it easy at by offering you step by step instructions, instructional videos, written instructions, webinars and member forums to support you in creating financial and legal freedom for you and your loved ones. Start your estate plan with 3 FREE legal documents from Your Legacy Lives today!