Estate Plan Assessment – Find The Right Plan For You!

    *'Merged' refers to assets held in both your and your spouse's name.

    *'Real Estate' refers to real property that you own such as a home, land, condo, or apartment.

    *Beneficiary: any person or entity who is named by contract to inherit the asset on your death. Some examples of assets that typically name a beneficiary include life insurance, retirement accounts, employee benefits, pay-on-death bank accounts, and trusts.

    *Community property refers to property that was earned during the marriage, including an increase in the value of homes and businesses. *Separate property refers to property that was acquired before the marriage or inherited and kept separate.

    Based on your selection in #4, we stongly suggest you speak with an attorney before proceeding with a complete estate plan.*

    Estate planning laws vary from state to state. The documents on this site are only appropriate for current California residents. Back to homepage

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