Benefits of a Financial Psychologist

8 December 2015 lawreynold Articles

AnitaToday’s guest blogger is Financial Psychologist Anita R. Johnston. Anita is an entrepreneur, speaker, writer, and founder of Money Wisdom for Women. After coming to California, Anita knew she was going to be a leader in the area of finance.

Anita has over 30 years of experience in Accounting, Taxation, & Finance, helping entrepreneurs find their financial voice. After settling into entrepreneurship in 1998 with Anita R Johnson & Associates as the parent company, she quickly founded Money Wisdom for Women to help women upgrade their unhealthy financial habits to healthy habits, helping them make sound financial decisions.

As a Financial Psychologist I take a holistic approach focusing on enhancing your financial well-being. I help my clients to understand their emotional behavior, as it relates to their financial health.

Most clients struggle with managing cash flow, debt, constant over-spending, and under earning, creating anxiety around money. It is my job to help the client to understand their behavior and begin a mindset change to create healthy financial habits.

Clearly there are warning signs that people need my assistance. Example; is your self-worth tied to under earning, or do you use money to lure someone to your side? These are just a few examples. Are you likely to seek help? The first step is to admit you have a problem. Most people come to that realization too late. Most people may try self-regulation, others may try financial education. But in most cases self-regulation heals the financial wounds for a short period of time and financial education should be used in concert with a Financial Psychologist.

I have worked with a number of clients and given 100’s of speeches on healthy financial health. I remember one client who was dealing with the self-love. Most of her life she shared the financial spot light with her sister. For example; if she wanted A, and the sister wanted X; She would get the A and her sister would get the X. She always took care of everyone else; she would purchase gifts for cousins, nieces, sister, and mother until her credit card debt equaled $30,000. However, when it was time to purchase something for her, she would always return the item to the store. A simple spreadsheet to help tackle her debt would not completely help with self-love.

Another example; There is a woman I know, whose parents spoiled her with just about anything she wanted, even after she was married. She really thought her husband should be OK with this arrangement. If her husband wouldn’t get it for her, she would simply wait on her Dad to get it for her. When he divorced her thinking was OK, my ex will just pay for this, but he hit the brakes. She fell into debt and great depression. However, she really had to change her Money Mindset to begin to take care of herself. If you haven’t guessed it yet, that woman was me.

Do you really need someone like me? No. However, there are some things you will need to do. Get you an accountability partner, have a regular financial routine, by creating a financial spending plan that includes investments, savings, debt consolidation & earnings. Lastly I suggest a financial journal. It is always helpful to write your feelings down, get them in the open. The accountability partner should be someone you can talk to regularly about any anxiety you may be feeling towards your finances. He/she should not be someone that gives you negative feedback but feedback that propels you higher with financial decisions.

Of course I would always recommend you hire me, a Financial Psychologist. Here is the reason, I am your accountability partner, and can help you find the root of your unhealthy financial habits turning them into healthy ones. My goal is to help you feel financially confident, self-cared and self-determined.

Financial Mindset + Financial Knowledge + Financial Power= Your Financial Voice.

Anita R Johnson

Financial Psychologist

Founder of Money Wisdom for Women