Operations Director

Arliss Dudley-Cash has focused her career and self-development on supporting the success of entrepreneurs through her company Soullutions by Arliss. She believes in taking a more wholehearted approach to business management and success, and thus this is at the core of Arliss’s mission. Arliss has been working as a business manager, consultant and assistant for 4 years and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration. As part of the wholehearted approach, Arliss is also pursuing a Doctorate in Divinity. Her goal is to support individuals in caring for themselves as their first priority and choosing work that also supports selfcare.

Arliss Dudley-Cash received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Santa Cruz in Forensic Science, in 2007. Arliss taught at the University of California, Merced from 2007-2009. After working as a Sheriff’s Deputy Coroner in Stanislaus County, California for two years, she returned to graduate school at the University of Iowa to study Neuroscience. Arliss graduated with a Master’s Degree in Neuroscience in 2013.

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