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Introducing Your Legacy Lives

Why work with Your Legacy Lives?



We believe that knowledge is power, and that it should not be concentrated in the hands of the wealthy and those with a legal background.


We believe people are intelligent and capable of making their own decisions; YOU are the expert on your life.


We believe everyone should have access to legal protection.


We are committed to creating the highest quality templates and education that can be provided affordably.

Who We Are

Now you can opt-out of the probate court system by creating your own estate plan! Your Legacy Lives is an online do-it-yourself resource dedicated to empowering Californians to protect their loved ones by creating their own high quality wills, trusts, and other important estate planning documents. Attorney Heather Reynolds founded Your Legacy Lives to share the wealth of information surrounding estate planning and empower families to take control of their personal, medical, and financial decisions. This allows people with no legal training, and who may not have the financial resources necessary to pay attorney fees, to protect their loved ones and assets in an easy and affordable way.

How It Works

Watch Videos

Follow along with our expert guidance on how to fill out each doc-ument. Video and written instructions included.

Fill Out Documents

Fill out your documents with our easy-to-edit downloadable files.

Sign & Notarize

Print out your documents and have them signed by a local notary where necessary.


Types of Estate Plans


A will is a legal document in which you name one or more persons to manage your estate, name who should be guardian of your minor children, and name who will be the beneficiaries upon your death. Wills have no authority over assets that already name a beneficiary (for example, a life insurance policy, a retirement plan, a deed that says “joint tenants” or any other contracts). Your executor is NOT supervised by the court, unless your probate assets exceed the value of $150,000 or you own real estate worth over $50,000.


A trust is a contract you enter into with yourself or your spouse. It holds property usually for your own benefit while you are alive and for the benefit of others at your death or incapacity. A trust is created by a “settlor,” who transfers some or all of his prop-erty to a “trustee” who holds that trust property for the benefit of the “beneficiaries.” At first, you will play all three roles. The trust is revocable (change-able by you) during your lifetime. It is a “living” trust because it does not die like humans do, and there-fore whatever assets it holds before your death do not go to probate.

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What Our Customers Say

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Flawless Instructions

The instructions were flawless: clearly detailed and easily comprehended. I especially liked the example that you included with each document. Very helpful. Also, I found that it was most convenient to be able to go back to your personal instructions (video) on occasion to be certain of my filling in the forms properly.

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Easily Done

It was a deeply nourishing and fulfilling experience using Your Legacy Lives. Not only do my husband and I now have a comprehensive trust established, I had a profound experience in realizing what is important to me while I’m alive and where I want to put my energy and attention. Creating a trust helped me to “wake up” to the preciousness of life.

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Awesome Guidance

I first met Heather when my husband and I decided it was time we created a living trust. When my Father passed away in 2008, Heather gracefully guided us through the process of handling all the “stuff” that must be addressed, and insured that the maximum inheritance possible by current law could pass to us tax-free.

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Starter Kit Available

Easy Starter Kit for California Estate Planning

This estate planning kit provides an introduction to California law and three fill-in-the-blank forms for the most important documents that everyone over the age of 18 should have: Durable Power of Attorney for Finances, Advance Health Care Directive and Health Privacy Release Form (HIPAA).

  • Get Started on creating your estate plan
  • Learn more about the importance of estate planning
  • Complete 3 important documents with easy instructions
  • Receive a discount on completing your plan with Your Legacy Lives